How to see the results of the America Immigration DV 2024

How to see the results of the America Immigration DV 2024

How to see the result of the American lottery

As we all know Every year, singles and everyone else, including widows, participate in this lottery, which is entirely based on chance. The winners receive a green card at the start and American citizenship after five years. The competitors registered in the lottery last October 2023, and tomorrow, Saturday, the results of this lottery will be announced.

In terms of the outcomes, they will be announced on May 5, 2024

How can I view the lottery results and know if I have been selected?

First follow this link :

This screen will show to you click on check status & continue.

Now you must enter the secret code that You got it the day you registered on the website.

Now write your first name and last name With the same writing as on the registration paper:

Entre your birthday:

Entre the code that appears to you and click submit:

If you are selected this message will show to you like this:

And if you You are not selected will show you like this:

We send our warmest wishes for success to everyone beginning their immigration journey. For those chasing their dreams in America, we earnestly hope for prosperity and fulfillment. May fortune and opportunity light your way through the complexities of immigration, leading you step by step towards realizing your aspirations.