Let's Go Share Afaan Oromo to Google translate English

Let's Go Share Afaan Oromo to Google translate English

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Afaan Oromo in Translation Services :

As you know, my friend, Google does not support our language oromo, so we, as users of this language, must publish and expand it through the Google Translation Services site so that the old and the young can benefit from it. This, my friend, you have to share this article with all your friends in order to ensure that the information reaches the largest number It is possible so that we can expand our oromo language so that everyone can recognize it as well, in this way all you have to do is enter the site and ask through it if you do not find what you are looking for by applying the following steps in order:


We go to the Google chrome app and log into our gmail google account.

Go to the Google Translation Services website via the following link:


We'll choose Contribute, then Setting google english, then languages, and then choose oromo:

It will appear to you like this:

* It gives you English words and phrases for you to translate into oromo by yourself to help others.

* You can help by correcting the words and sentences if they are translated correctly by putting LIKE or DISLIK if the translation is wrong.

Do not forget that this method will greatly contribute to our students, especially in their studies, so we hope that everyone will share this post for the largest number of people so that we can communicate information to everyone. Everyone participates in this at least twice a week, so that we can add the maximum amount of the lexicon for our language to the site. Do not forget to follow our page on Facebook to receive all the new developments as long as you are in health and wellness.